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Boho-chic chignon, a series of shots to find out … or rediscover!

Winter is nearly upon us. And, in our opinion, this is the best time to approach the season of Christmas and New Year with a new look that will reward your beauty in a natural, attractive and, perhaps, with a bit of references to the world boho-chic, that gave much satisfaction during 2015 and that – we are certain – will continue to reward your aesthetic research even during the next 2016.


Style boho -chic of which all speak, a bit ‘ bohemian (or, briefly, boho), but with clear references to the cultures more refined and sophisticated, is the perfect middle ground between those who seeking a sober and those who want to raise their value added ease, without, however, that this can be confusing for trespassing or neglect.


The above, of course, it must go hand in hand with greater sophistication in its own makeup, and overall, in their look. So, go ahead to boho-chic and other hairstyles strong appeal, along with clothing that might enhance your appearance. A nice mix that will bring you good luck and style that will make you appear in the course of this winter as women of great character, the will to follow trends but at the same time to stand by the same mode as needed to appear more than ever can affirm your creativity and your emotions.

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As regards, in particular, the chignon boho-chic is the top down and take it deliberately imperfect. You can also experiment happily braids side and torchon, which are highly capable of distinguishing your best look with loose hair or collected that could be given by the use of soft, natural waves.


Still, given a little ‘attention to accessories, ingredients that might be further appreciate your style, and you may be able to generate the desired appeal into your look. In the market there are thousands of potential choices from which you will certainly something to suit you: make a nice round of Christmas shopping over the next few days, and get to understand what elements of landscaping could make you appreciate even more.

We leave you then with our photo gallery today: many boho-chic chignon that will expand alternative style of ready availability . Talk to your hairdresser and ultimately proceed without delay to wear the new look. Let us know how it went!


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