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All shades of blond, the color indispensable.

More than spending Fashion tones blond seem to acquire every season new life and freshness, remaining the nuances of one color loved by young girls as the older women around the world. The Italian clearly no exception!

blond Tones

Accomplice of this long-lived success is adaptability of of blonde the different phenotypes female and the different cuts and hairstyles.

Far from being a static color, in fact, the blond, and more generally all shades of blond reinvent themselves in a myriad of different shades and colors, offering all the chance to really find those most suited to their aesthetic traits and their personality. Each of the shades of blond, gives light and multidimensionality hair .

 shades of blond

The platinum blonde, dreaming Marilyn Monroe …  Toni's blond

One tones of blonde most famous is the platinum blonde . Secret dream of many women who are inspired by the sensual beauty of what can be called a true style icon Marilyn Monroe. For some it is a choice that winning! This shade, in fact, goes perfectly with those who have a very clear complexion almost diaphanous, or tending to rosy mentioned that reminds the people of the north, especially if in complete harmony of color have green eyes or blue.

 Toni's blond If you’re brown, you can not give up the desire of platinum, making sure to touch up more often the roots and nourish the hair to prevent it sfibri too. Your dark eyes or hazel that will stand out compared to the light hair will reward the efforts made and from that moment never forsake what tones of blonde is the most daring!

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The shades of blond in reflections

Toni's blond

If daringly long for change but you are not willing to one so radical, the right solution for you is contained in one word: reflection. The riflesso Tonal gives all types of hair of various lengths and a unique three-dimensional thanks to the play of volumes created from strands darker hair will look thicker and therefore more healthy.

a new frontier the “bronde”.

Toni's blond

Another non-invasive and upsetting to go from brown to blonde is the bronde” a technique that allows us to get the best out of two colors without giving up both.

 Toni's blond

without changing their look too, and not have a strange impact with the mirror test, you may in fact decide for a mix of the two colors. The brown blends with delicious honey or caramel highlights that brighten the base color by capacity reflective without abandon it altogether. This way you do not run the risk of a too sharp contrast between a dark or olive complexion and a hair too light.

 Toni's blond

It ‘always advisable in fact at least in the initial stage of any color change, proceed gradually to the desired goal. not always in fact the effect that we imagine is what we get then. If, in spite of the expectations and the warnings, everything you need is just a dramatic turnaround from which take charge, then dare without regrets or remorse!


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