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28 Rihanna Long Hairstyles

If you have not been living under a rock for the past decade, then you would know who is. This famous woman is a singer, an actress, and a songwriter and she is famous all around the world. , apart from her amazing vocal range, is also well known for her various edgy and adventurous hairstyles, especially those long hairstyles of hers. So, if you are looking to try and achieve some amazing hairstyles then we have just what you need! In this article, we can offer you some Rihanna long hairstyles for those days where you just want to feel like a superstar! If you want something plain and simple then you can go ahead and have her plain brown hair done. She wore this brown hair in lovely waves and it is so easy to achieve! If you want something that is more along the lines of edgy and wild, then you can get the same hairstyle as her by having your hair dyed brown and then having some waves added into it. This is not all though; the next step is to shave off just the right amount of hair on one side of your head. You can choose this part. If you were thinking of doing something more along the lines of colorful hairstyles, then you can go with her famous red hair! And we don’t mean copper…we mean actual red! This look is stunning if you want something out of the ordinary or edgy. You can rock this red hair look in a long braid or you can just let your sleek hair flow!  So, now you can feel like a star with these hairstyles!

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