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28 Long Gray Hairstyles

Whether you are an older woman who loves to rock her gray hair or a young woman who just loves that gray hair color, this article is just for you! We know that everyone has seen the trends online revolving around gray hair and we have all wanted to be that person who has that amazing gray hair. Although it may look like really hard work and like it is so time-consuming, it really is quite simple when you break down the process, but that is not what this article is for. In this article, we will offer you some beautiful long gray hairstyles. If you want something that looks beautiful and free, you can opt for a cool light gray hair color and wear your hair all natural. This works best if you have naturally curly or wavy hair and your hair has a lot of volume! You could even have a lovely ombre done on your hair. This would be something that fades into a deep gray from a pale gray or nearly white color. Something plain and simple would be just to have your hair dyed gray and have your roots dyed in a darker gray, deep brown or black! When you have gray hair, it is best if you part your hair more on one side than the other because this will create an amazing look for you, accentuating your beauty! If you do not have or want straight gray hair, you can always just add some curls into your hair with heat tools, or you could go natural with this look! The sky is the limit!

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