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20 Long Wavy Brown Hair

Everyone knows the saying about blondes that have more fun somehow but what about brunettes? Why can they not have equally the amount of fun or more fun at that? Well, they can! The color of your hair does not really matter when it comes to having fun but having brown hair can be very beautiful and you can look very edgy and elegant. Many people have no clue of how to go about styling their brown hair but that is why we have this article just for you! In this article, we will show you some of the most amazing long brown hair designs that you might ever see! If you are thinking of changing your hair color to brown or a shade of brown, you will have to choose according to your skin tone, as with most other colors. The great thing though is that there is an endless variety of brown hair color shades for you to choose from! So, once you have finished dyeing your hair at your salon and you want to start styling it, you can opt for something plain yet elegant and quite royal looking. This is a simple wavy hairstyle and all you need to achieve this is to curl your hair until it becomes wavy! If you want, you could even have your stylist or hairdresser cut some bangs for you and you might just look like Zooey Deschanel! You could even add some tiny braids here and there if you are adventurous and you want something different. So, now you can experiment with the browns and the different styles!

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