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Week Haute Couture: Hairstyles Trends 2017

Fall 2016 is approaching its logical end and it’s time to look back to the collections and define hair trends set by leading designers and hairdressers. What we have witnessed this high fashion event can hardly be expressed in simple words – the triumph of elegance, an old movie in black and white of a modern cherry red inputs and mint green, preserving the tradition and the emergence of Neoteric vibrations , fusion of cashmere and silk, border where fairytale meets real life, fine lines just saw between casual and highly refined, the joy of a circus and inevitable future sadness. Couture Week has always featured with fashion genius solutions, which can be called masterpieces not only equip and accessories. And next to come hairstyles for 2016-2017 autumn / winter, the creations of the famous Guido Palau and Sam McKnight that can be definitely defined the trends now.

 hair trends Couture Week 2017

So what is there to be popular runway hairstyles ? Everything is very simple, but not so long awaited, because it is simpler – random ponies and buns, parts of Central and half updos. Below you will see the main trends in hairstyles for 2017 defined by the Couture Fashion Week.

N ° 1 Centre divided hairstyles Couture Week 2017

hairstyles midpart Alexis Mabille Couture 2017 long hair Alexis Mabille Couture 2017 center parted hairstyles Alexis Mabille Couture 2017

You are hit with huge clothes now, and not enough attention to the hair. Well, to get a bit ‘in the detail of the collection Alexis Mabelle, it must be said that it is highly professional, artisan work is really high quality, but when you look at the sumptuous clothes, it seems there is something missing, the “Blue Gainsborough “color is fine, but it is unclear whether the clothes are designed for adolescents with open legs, or grandmothers, completely closed. However, on the other hand hairstyles they seem to be to the point and trendy, simple because we see parts of Central straight onto each model.

Alberta Ferretti fashion hairstyles 2017

The same line is exposed by Alberta Ferretti with its collection of the previous season presented today to the public and wit young models walk the catwalk in perfect middle part hairstyles.

half updo hairstyles # 2 by Dior Couture show in

Half Updo hairstyles midpart Dior couture 2017

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When three becomes a trend, we see that the center parted hairstyles will surely 2017 mainstream hair looks from everyone. Good Dior has updated the simplicity with a half updo and the central part a bit ‘gelled. In addition to the huge thick eyeliner it draws most of the attention for the eyes.

# 3 curly updos by Chanel Couture show in

Chanel high updo curly hairstyles 2017 couture Chanel couture high bun hairstyles 2017

This cute curly dos’ are perhaps the most adorable styles of Couture exhibition. Playful and flirtatious that attract attention at once. Sam McKnight seems to have put a lot of effort to achieve high designs, and yes its purpose fascinating aspect. With black bands traditional Chanel curls seem a bit ‘more dramatic.

# 4 simple updo hairstyles 2017 Paris Couture week

Versace couture simple updo hairstyles 2017 Versace couture hairstyles simple sandwich 2017 updo hairstyles Giambattista Valli Couture 2017 Giambattista Valli simple pony tail hairstyles 2017 couture

to make a simple ponytail, if you want to have a Versace watch. Easy, right? Although the main objective consists of earrings, make up and accessories, these simple hairstyles draw eyes. A bit ‘confused, how badly combed add live for the image of the walk straightly models that seem to wax statues at times. updo hairstyles by side with the central parts will be performed shows throughout the following year.

# 5 slicked runway bun hairstyles

Francesco Scognamiglio updo hairstyles slicked 2017 couture Francesco Scognamiglio hairstyles simple sandwich in 2017 couture Schiaparelli hairstyles bun slicked 2017 couture updo hairstyles Schiaparelli in 2017 couture

The thought that wet hairstyles have faded into history? I’m here, hairstyles sandwich over and over again.Small slicked are heading tries Schiaparelli and Francesco Scognamiglio, and, of course, will be one of the trends.

Bob hairstyles Ulyana Sergeenko show at Couture Week

Ulyana Sergeenko short bob hairstyles 2017 couture

Last but not least here are formed Russian designer sensational looks that shattered the world and exhibited throughout the Russian beauty can offer. Finally it is not national, it is not the Soviet post, it really is a haute couture collection beauty with bob hairstyles that characterize the show. So we latest hair trend – short haircuts bob

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