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Weak hair, 5 remedies to try a new well-being!

As we have repeated many times within our site, autumn and winter seasons are more difficult with regard to the “tightness” of our hair . The risk that changes in temperature, pollution, stress and other harmful factors may adversely affect the welfare of the hair is in fact very close, and we still do not do anything but try to allow our hair to maintain a good state of form, waiting for the arrival spring and, with it, the boom of their dynamism! But how?

On Web certainly find dozens of different solutions useful to be able to get to an ideal good shape for hair. Solutions that often they refer to the concept of “natural”, and that can be created at home with a few simple ingredients. Our advice before embracing with conviction and those other solutions, you still talk to your hairdresser and your doctor (if the situation of the health of your hair is apparently degenerating), in order not to affect the current scenario with remedies that, however, they run the risk of producing unwanted results.


That said, there is still something very simple that you can put into practice immediately to find or find a best health of your hair . But what?

The first advice we would like to give – and not only for the well-being of your hair ! – Is to stop smoking. Smoking lowers indeed the effectiveness of the circulation, which is a prerequisite to be able to enjoy a better hair growth. Smoking will make your hair look more off and weakened, with the resulting consequences in terms of the risk of falling.

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Also, remember to take good doses of Vitamin A (if you suffer from vitamin D deficiency, talk to your doctor): you can find it in some foods, such as empty. About diet and nutrition, good habit is to structure your day with a good dose of protein, that can strengthen your defenses against the drop hair .

Finally, as regards the other good practices, remember that you can massage your hair and your scalp with natural substances and essential oils (made from lavender or rosemary, for example) that will invigorate the head, and that fish oil can be a good alternative to the above.




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