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Sweeping at home, how to make it in 3 moves

The sweeping we talked more times in the recent past. Therefore, if we have followed with particular affection in recent months, we are confident that this will not overtake our study on one of the staining techniques most viewed comfortably by women more fashion-conscious. Today, however, we want to go even a little ‘further, and try to understand if the sweeping is achievable even at , or whether it is exclusive to your hairdresser. In other words, how you can make the sweeping at home? And with what results?


Let’s start with the premise that The sweeping is not a simple “color” of the hair, but it is a particularly innovative and sophisticated technique that allows you to get a lot of lightening natural , in contrast with the base color. Therefore, it is a more advanced version of the old “sunburn”, but is a permanent color that gives even more natural and luminous reflections.


Having established the above, and it is a color – in fact – permanent and with complexity much higher than ordinary ones, what we recommend is to … not to proceed to the realization of such a domestic technique, because it is necessary to approach this style with the right experience and knowledge.

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However, if you want groped luck of a realization “do-it-yourself”, you can read further. And discover that, after all, know how to make a potential sweeping at home can be useful to be able to fully understand its features.

Begin therefore with the understanding which product areas lighting object, on the basis of your face and the current color of your hair. To do this, sit quietly in front of a mirror, in a well lit room, and try to understand what are the areas that deserve a clearing. Thinking that the regulator sweeping needs a discoloration on the sun tips.

Remember again that the sweeping is done almost exclusively on natural hair . Therefore, if you are already dyed, we should wait until the discoloration. In addition, it is good to make the sweeping on a hair light or medium light (on dark would create a contrast not very suitable) and not to overdo it: the treatment is quite stressful on the hair, and do it more than 2 -3 times a year could strain the long hair.

After that, apply the color lightening on individual strands, down a bit ‘tone at a time. This will help you also to “play” with a potential for growth, however, giving the impression of a pleasant look apparent.


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