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Splashlight, new trend of youth on the hair (even in winter!)

In the United States the tendency to splashlight He won the hearts of many women. Here, the road we have still to do, but the path appears to have been well traced by some beauty salons that have identified this new (not new, considering that for several seasons raging between hairstylists to the stars and stripes) as a chance to renew their foliage giving a youthful touch that can break down any richiamoa easy to spot colors, or perhaps shaded only on the tips. But what is it?


we talked several other times on our site . It should thus be limited to remember how the name derives from the fact that the effect that you want to recreate on the hair is precisely that of a beam of light, to focus on half the length of the hair, and useful to be able to re-create an effect of light particularly defined . In other words, Splashlight going to mark an area greater or lesser extent of their foliage , illuminating it in via horizontal . It follows that the tips and roots are darker, while the central part becomes clearer.

That said, since this brief introduction is very clear that in reality the Splashlight is not at all a color that tends to give the woman a natural look. The Splashlight serves instead to give greater visibility to the foliage , especially if the choice falls against nuance rather “eccentric”. If you want a more soft, but still distinct and personalized, you can go to marry his base of hair with a shade that does not deviate much from their own.

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Established also above, and before I leave you to our photo gallery that will show you lots photos of women who have gotten the best from splashlight, We remember also that this trend is especially recommended for medium hair, considered that this extension you can more easily re-create the desired light effect. A good hairdresser could still produce an ideally Splashlight of shorter lengths.

At this point there is nothing left to do but to invite you to consult the photo gallery of today: give us a closer look , identified the styles seem to do for you, and talk seamlessly with your hairdresser, in order to understand if these styles may or may not actually do for you.


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