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Retro helmet, guidance and examples to make it properly!

Do you like the caschetti retro ? In our opinion, they represent an incredible way to be able to give a vintage look refined and elegant, easily be spent on several occasions and, above all, quick to implement. Why not really consider the chance to “embrace” a retro bob , perhaps making the protagonist of your next Christmas and New Year? But how to achieve it?



Before leaving with our photo gallery today, we remind you that to make a replica of a perfect retro-style 30s is very easy. It will be sufficient to recreate the waves very well laid out, starting with a thorough cleaning. So, use the balm and shampoo specially made to give a smoothing effect and that, simultaneously, may well feed the hair, helping styling and preparing the hair to be easily domabile with other common tools that you have at home (brush, hair dryer, iron, etc.).

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Once you have washed your hair with products mentioned above, proceed with drying. Will be sufficient to gently dab the hair with a towel will help to remove excess water. Once that is done, sprayed hair spray slicker who can afford to dry your hair discouraging the dreaded frizz and making them more docile to the styling. With the hair dryer equipped with nozzle, wipe also the helmet with the aid of a brush, and pulling a beautiful sideline, precise and rigorous as ever.

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After this step also, you’re at very good point. Arm yourself with a quality hair curling iron, which has a diameter not too big, and divide the hair strands in horizontal sections, where you can create the hedgehogs. Combed strands gently and, after a while, you’ll see them turn into practices waves.

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Your work is almost done. It just has to define the most of all with the aid of forceps butterfly and, of course, with the practical use of your hands. Therefore applied a clamp on each wave formed, by better defining the ridge and abundant spraying lacquer. Perform the operation continuously, until they are all defined waves. Let then rest for a while ‘hairstyle before removing all the pliers.

The result should be exceptional. If not … you can always try again, provided you do not excessively stress the hair. So we leave you with a nice photo gallery of example, in the hope that it will serve as a stimulus for the perfect definition of your hair!

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