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Ombre hair, shades for all skin types (even the darker ones!)

For a long time it was considered that the ‘ shadow hair could not suit all skin tones and all of . In fact, the daily practice has given to understand that the shadows hair is a style that may very well satisfy any kind of request from women with fair skin or dark , medium or long hair, curly or straight.


But what is it?


If you remember well, in recent months we have spoken several times of shadows hair, defining it as a way of lightening that has aims to make the color of the foliage particularly bright , as if the hair had been exposed a long time under the rays of the sun (but not, of course, the damage that prolonged exposure can create).

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So the shadows hair is a model particularly suited for all natural hair who wish to maintain a touch of naturalness, without giving the ability to approach in a chic style. A technique of bleaching that can adapt to the skin as well as clear to dark, and that is not for the exclusive benefit of the long hair, considering that short cuts can get great satisfaction from the choice the shadows hair.


In addition to the above, please note that the shadows hair needs less maintenance and focus more muted than other techniques of bleaching. So, turns out to be easily recommended to women more lazy, looking to reduce the frequency of their steps to the hairdresser.


That said, we can only advise you to carefully assess the use of this kind of bleaching. It is actually a technique particularly stylish, which will certainly be preferable to the many competitors with which it has to share the scepter of staining technique / discoloration over time of the summer 2015!

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