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New Hair Style Bastian steel 2015 seems more mature and Neat

Changed its appearance is often done by some public figures, to look more fresh and new. It was also made by one of the singers who grow appointed Bastian . Singer whose name became known for singing (eg ) coboy Junior is always dressed like an artist with long hair, but this time something was different with Bastian appearance.

Met at the cabin-7 DahSyat in Kebun Jeruk, Jakarta, Monday (23 / 3), Bastian seen with the appearance of hair already short. Although there are fans who do not like his new hair style, but most fans are still many who are happy with this short hair. “Mom and Dad told to cut hair. Of course, there are not like, but most of them actually happy,” Bastian said.

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According to the singer who has the full name Bastian Bintang Simbolon, appearance with short hair is quite convenient, because it overheating. “If it is a six-month long time, want a new nyoba writing, but if weve extended tasty Yes, very short so much comfortable, not hot, cold instead, “he said.

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