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More fashionable hair colors 2016 Summer

Do you feel the vibration? Yes, it is the to come and fill us with vibrant sun, seawaves race and brand new style with the hair colors most fashionable. After a while ‘the long winter of us has updated the look to fit the spring, the rest are still looking for a bit’ of inspiration to enter the period. Actually hair trends force us to stay natural. But doe sit really means that no experiment with colors, not to play with Key shadows and the red color vivid and bright, or dark shades to dull hair? For it is not safe! Just choose the tone that is best suited skin tone, your lifestyle and emotions for this spring summer season.

 best hair colors Summer 2016

the hair color trends have full palette of shades for you. Butter and ash blonde color for the most amazing copper color, from bright and shiny hair color of dumbed and dull hair. everything is here, in one article to guide you through the most difficult decision for a complete makeover.

colors of blonde hair, and shades for summer 2016

Sunkissed Ash Blonde Hair Colors 2016 Summer  The Ash blonde hair colors Summer 2016

Color blonde hair continue to be in vogue for all the time, all seasons and among all categories of women. Because? Maybe just because they are female. Yet what we see change is the shadow of blonde. For the summer you will not see the pure ash tones that are cold and suitable for winter. the colors of blond hair in the hot season, are sunkissed, with butter and honey, a bit ‘of caramel and mocha coffee. You feel the scent of the bouquet?

Celebrity Shadows Highlights

 soft colors Ombre hair Summer 2016

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for dark hair colors with reflections shadows bet all records of popularity a few seasons ago. But now not pure and dramatic shadows. Only highlighting the very smooth transition. As you can see the two colors blend into each other and it is difficult to define the exact line. In some cases it seems that the ends burned by the sun and the roots a little ‘darker.

Color Red 2016

wild feeling? A bit ‘crazy and ready for adventures? Then show it off with the red hair colors brilliantly brioght. For summer the copper shade or Mandarin will be the best.

brown hair colors with highlights

  Shiny Colours Brown Estate 2016

By wearing the colors of brown hair is a real adventure. But remember to have a bright, shiny hair, this is the condition number one. For the summer you can light chocolate brown tones with a little ‘of caramel and milk, and you will have wonderful Sift highlights so fitting summer sun and mood. Dakota Johnson hairstyles with caramel and honey hues are beyond any assessment.

Celebrity matte hair colors

 dark colors ink hair Summer 2016

While there are running for shiny hair, healthy quality, trends present a new trend, completely crazy – the colors of hair dull. The above solution is the deep ink color, totally sullen and surbid. And this is my opinion, but it seems that summer at all.


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