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Long hair, new hair styles and trends for the end of the year

hair is one of the main synonyms of sophistication, charm and femininity. A synonym that in recent years has confirmed all its value, despite – and if you are conscious of our readers there will certainly be noticed! – The explosion of short haircuts and medium . But how to ride the trend of long hair with some modern hairstyle that probably will give you the best satisfaction during this last part of the , and over the next few seasons? We try to understand a little ‘more, tracing – ideally – a line in the most convincing look of the moment for those with long hair.

The first look that we want to submit is certainly the most natural: leave the long hair free to highlight her beauty, falling gently on the shoulder, may be the way more simple and authentic to renew its charm. Just think, about, the success over the last year by the beach waves, a trend that never goes out of fashion and that even in the winter season will be appropriately attired in order to reach a final result is reliable.


If your hair are not just moved, but are rather curly, nothing changes: the input of the latter part of the year leave the crown open, just forced into rigid styles that would eventually be passed excessively stress the hair and penalize the impression of lightness and dynamism that instead you should definitely win.

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That said, we can not renew the invitation to “rediscover” the trends of previous years. For this last part of the year could thus be particularly pleasant to rediscover some of the hairstyles 60s who got the biggest hits, giving you a new volume on the top of the head, leaving the strands frontal smooth or wavy. Middle line or side line will instead be chosen depending on the effect you want to achieve, and depending on your visual characteristics.


And what, finally, of the ponytail? This style – to which we have devoted many insights in recent weeks – is certainly one of the hairstyles are easier to achieve. To be able to give a little ‘more personality and creativity, you can choose to adopt a clip more prestigious than the usual elastic.

And what do you think? How are you currently acconciando your hair long ? Is there any style you feel to be particularly convincing and that you want to recommend to all our readers?

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