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Long hair better than the courts? A survey reveals the truth (maybe!)

hair are really better the ? According to according to a new study by a team at the University of South Britanny, the answer is yes. At least as regards the level of attraction that men watching a woman get a woman from the long hair is therefore generally more attractive than a woman with short hair. But is this true? The experiment was conducted by the research team in a fairly pragmatic …. Scholars have in fact sent on a “mission” a woman with three different hairstyles: the first time she took a ride on the street with hair free on his shoulders, the second time with the hair stopped by a ponytail, the third time with her hair tied in a bun.


At this point, the experiment required that the woman did drop a glove in front of people of both sexes. And it is here that have emerged partially different behaviors.

It appeared that men were twice more likely to collect and return the glove if the woman had her hair down. The same is not however taken place in relation to other women, who acted indiscriminately in both the first case (capelli long vacated ) and in the second case (ponytail) that finally in the third case (hair tied in a bun and collected).

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In the end, the above is not the all new, considering that previous research had established himself as a flowing hair and shining was deemed “best” by men, because that can communicate a better state of health of women and, therefore, a higher fertility potential. Two elements that ultimately humans could explain a greater propensity to want to interact with women with long hair, unlike the other hand does not happen with women who have short hair.

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As can be imagined, the research gives no scientific certainty in relation to the tastes of men and women. So, if you have short hair, is perhaps appropriate to not despair, given that even with little hair extended still be able to get basic satisfactions, and you prefer to many men looking for a partner.

what do you think? You have long hair and you have also the impression of being mainly observed for your femininity? Or are fervent followers of short hair and you do not believe in this kind of research?


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