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How to recover the health of hair after a summer on the beach!

Summer is the favorite season for millions of Italians . The reasons are indeed easily explained: the days are “long”, you can rediscover the pleasure of covering less, for physical activity for more time, to go on vacation in seaside and in the mountains with the best time available, and much more. In short, a real pleasure for young and old, families and couples without children, singles and groups of friends.


But we are sure that this season is free of contraindications to our ?


That that is certain is that the beauty of the has to be balanced with the need not to neglect their hair. The solar rays, the typical hot summer, the wind, salt and many other factors may have a negative impact on the health of the hair, making it dull, brittle, stress, poor, weak . Anyway, do not worry: it’s never too late to try and take the necessary precautions to limit the damage. But how?


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First of all, know that if the hair follicles suffer in summer, their destiny is to alter, weaken and prepare for a Autumn falls abundant. sweats summer they also lose a large amount of trace elements and minerals that are important for the formation of keratin, the substance they are made of hair.

For this reason, our advice can only be to make sure to adequately replace losses, eating foods that are rich in iron, copper, zinc: go-ahead then to vegetables, salads, nuts, pine nuts, plums . Not overlooking even the sulfur amino acids that are present in eggs, fish, chicken meat, spirulina, legumes, broccoli, sesame seeds, pumpkin, turnip.


Also remember, in this final part of the season, to protect his head with straw hats or breathable cotton, and enrich your diet of berries, green tea, coffee beans, chocolate fondant. As regards the washing, use small amounts of oil or products low foaming shampoo, and rinse with fresh water.

With these small attentions allow your hair to prepare to autumn with greater force. Of course, in case of specific problems more details, we recommend you go to a good doctor and a good dermatologist, find and therefore more detailed treatment.

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