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Halfbun, the top choice for the hair fashion 2016

The has just begun, but as of now begin to take shape some of the hair styles that they will presumably approached by women all over the world. Among them, the ‘ halfbun can certainly represent an ideal point arrival for all those women who wish to obtain a style easy to wear every day, with a casual wear. In short, a real passport to the fashion daily, which will certainly not wait in the main halls of Italian beauty.

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halfbun , often called half a bun, is a crop that has already shown with some conviction in during 2015, but only in 2016 it should be able to reach its full maturity. An ideal maturation, considering that their hair trends of the new year seem to coincide against this cut elegant and refined, to be exploited both for women who have a very young age, and for those who are apparently a little forward years.


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For both, the ‘ halfbun can be a good way to apply a hair style formidable on their hair: a way to bring their hair in a very natural way, to limit the distraction or the fake disheveled. The locks will sprout in fact out of this half harvested in a disorganized, creating a sophisticated look perfectly in line with what appear to be the leaders of this new year. The simplicity, the false distraction in the accomplishment of a great look and ease of replication in everyday life, are in fact some of the features that this style can ensure that women of any age.

 Kate -Mara-half-bun-hairstyle-2016

So, on the basis of the above-and more! – It is obvious that a half chignon is capable of setting trends. A simple look, which will give you an air of casual and original, and that in 2016 will certainly become one of the top styles for women who want to marry the main trends of hair fashion, without giving up the desire for customization and uniqueness .

In order to enrich your collection halfbun, and allow you to fully assess the best style for your medium or long hair, below you will find a beautiful extraction of styles collected: means chignon that could eventually make the appearance even on your hair, allowing you to reach the definition of a look extremely attractive and declinable on your physical features.


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