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Hairstyles youth, how to get the best for your hair fashion!

Several times on our website we focused the way hairstyles can help make your image more or less . And today we are pleased to submit some images that confirm this impression, and a small guide to create a beautiful effect on your hair shiny and aggressive, for the benefit of a style of great personality and carefree. But how?

Considered that the basis for this hair is to create a beautiful effect polished, we can start from any advice to make your hair – looks a bit ‘! – Shinier. You can do this by simply passing the gel on the hair and the clumps, but if you really want a hairstyle of quality, it is better to take a step back and from washing.


Then proceed to wash your hair but not wipe them with the usual way. Try to leave them short rather humid, limit yourselves to just use the towel to remove excess product and a bit ‘of water. On damp hair, pour a dose of gel on one hand and pass it on hair . With the other hand imbracciate the hairdryer and proceed with drying. Does not run great dexterity: remember that with one hand you have to bring your hair back so that they do not fall of the tufts on the front or sides of the head, and with the other hand you will have to sway the phon, avoiding to approach the dryer too much hair. A hair dried, take another bit ‘of gel and apply it to reinforce the shiny effect.

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Before we go further, with a fine ranging from punk flavor, remember also that the gel is the real star of this hairstyle, and that therefore it should buy quality: in this case, our advice is to ask an expert opinion to your hairdresser who will certainly support you in achieving the best buy!


As for a variation particularly cool and a little ‘rock, you can comb the hair up, maybe just limit yourselves to a few clumps. The procedure is similar to the previous one: wash your hair and dry them with a towel, then place the damp hair with your fingers. Make sure that tufts of Fringe are placed slightly to the side. The hair that remain on the sides of the face (temples) should be combed slightly forward, while the rest can comb it backwards (towards the neck).

Now wipe dry the hair with a hairdryer (if you have time, you may prefer natural drying) and when the hair will be dry, apply a bit ‘of gel or mousse fixative hands: then take some tufts top of the head and secure them upwards, creating a small effect of dynamic movement. The Fringe and hair at the sides of the face may instead be left on the sidelines. If you prefer, finally, use a little ‘lacquer fixative.


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