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Hairstyles Valentine or San Faustino: all the hairstyles for the holidays …

The two parties closer in time and in parallel further away in the intentions are upon us! Let’s talk about ’s Day and San , we open the door with the right hairstyle for party ! Valentine and Faustine, here hairstyles San Valentino and San Faustino!

 valentine hairstyles and St. faustino

Valentine” Valentine “ready to go!

hairstyles St. Valentine and St. faustino

Ah love … this crazy feeling that … reads the text of a famous song of the Anni 70 ascribed to Lucio Italy’s most famous and sung by the band Formula three. A crazy feeling to which a party is officially dedicated. All lovers on February 14 will feel protagonists of their own personal fairytale and of course we girls can not find us unprepared with a look sloppy and put on at the last minute. Let’s see what can be the best Valentine’s hairstyles for 2016.

 valentine hairstyles and St. faustino

Clothes ready all’indosso, accessories trendy, skin pampered with delicious nourishing creams, makeup to bring out your eyes to have a look and magnetic hairstyles of course Valentine’s at the top for the occasion.

A romantic hairstyle for the sweetest party.

If we imagine something romantic in line with the spirit of the festa we can play with crops and seeds collected-not too fixed and in order.

valentine hairstyles and St. faustino

Or for girls by very long hair a loose movement with light so as to be soft not only in attitudes but also in the hair.

 valentine hairstyles and St. faustino

A canopy that allowing the passage of the fingers of your entire petting him and ideal to breathe deeply during basins on the neck …

 valentine hairstyles and St. faustino

Hairstyles Valentine? Yes, but also San Faustino! “Faustine”, the office …

Thankfully February 14 we left it behind us and with him the saccharine parade timid giggles, hands clasped, flowers and chocolates of every kind and shape .

Today 15 February princesses of the day before are history and make a decision with all the calories ingested !!!

Viva perfidy … terrible revenge !!!

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“Faustine” after a relaxing beauty sleep are ready to declare themselves free and happy or to show off all the weapons of seduction to them …

A big yes to every accessory, dress, hairstyle that makes a woman feel like a goddess down from Olympus, sole owner of himself or to hunt for human prey.

Hairstyling rock and effect for the party more independence calendar

Password surprise, subcode be absolutely fantastic.

The hairstyles for this festival that we recommend are those special, extravagant or otherwise effect.

valentine hairstyles and St. faustino

If it’s a bit ‘of time that you deemed unhappy with your appearance, you can get to give birth to unhealthy maybe (or maybe not !!) idea to anticipate a bit ‘on the roadmap dedicating a change cut or color change that stravolgano your your look and that cry is a different person and confident.

 valentine hairstyles and St. faustino

More practical and less drastic is the very decision to curl your hair if you have them normally smooth  or iron them if you are curled.

 valentine hairstyles and St. faustino

Or opt for one high chignon and very pulled dominatrix scene maybe be associated to a stiletto murderess …

 valentine hairstyles and St. faustino

Here, we believe that by now hairstyles Valentine and San Faustino have no more secrets for you! Best wishes and good luck!

hairstyles Valentine and St. faustino

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