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Hairstyles for 2016: all you need to know about Wet Tail Braid, Pixie, and Lob.

Proposals hairstyles for are really a lot, walkways more important worldwide have already determined what will be the must for this fantastic year. And ‘then already can draw up a hit parade of hairstyles for 2016 among those who will be most popular: a “hit parade” of haircuts

hairstyles 2016

Let’s see the anticipation of what will be the numerous variants can be able to run out the desires of any woman in the field Hair and act as a cue for always looks new, elegant and original . hairstyles 2016

New haircut: advances hairstyles for 2016

As previously mentioned will be many new proposals of hairstyles for 2016 that will become a must. hairstyles 2016

The tail: the first between the hairstyles for 2016

Among the first we find senz ‘Another queue . It has always been one of the most popular hairstyles, probably also because it is very simple to implement , but also because it has a ‘”visual evidence” very strong: in a nutshell you get maximum results with minimum efforts .

 hairstyles for 2016

The tail can be created from straight hair, wavy, long, medium, curly, short, from almost all types and lengths of hair, with the exception, perhaps, of the short ones, certainly of those extra -corti. And ‘therefore clear that the ability to create it are really a lot and, since it can be combined with tufts, fringes and various decorations, become endless.  hairstyles 2016

The bun: the place of honor d between the hairstyles for 2016

 hairstyles 2016

The bun earns the place of honor among the hairstyles for 2016 ,  favored over other haircut, a mood that lends itself to a double interpretation: the extreme elegance that comes from being cut” typical “of a dancer and the casual style “flower children”, perhaps with a few strands escaping to cut default.

 hairstyles 2016

The wet: a must in another look 2016!

In this special hit parade of must-between hairstyles for 2016 could not locate that very high The wet :

hairstyles 2016

This very special effect that produces the classic “perfect hairstyle” thanks to special substances which maintain a “wet” on their hair for the arc of an entire day.

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 hairstyles 2016

The braid : never goes out of fashion and was also confirmed in 2016

The braid almost absolute protagonist also in 2016!  hairstyles 2016

‘hairstyle and beloved, although they think it’s a cut “static”, not susceptible to many variations, just thanks to braid we can change our look how many times we want : there are braids classic , which are made with hair tied in queues high, but there are braids called “ herringbone “, dramatic effect remarkable, braids called “ French ” that must be put out soft braids “ Dutchman ” that must be put out flow around the head, and many more.

hairstyles for 2016

The : 2016 will be his year yet

The pixie will strengthen its position” almost “record-breaking in 2016 : this short haircut, the most fascinating, it is emerging as a leaner version of the headband.

 hairstyles 2016

It ‘beloved by many stars: you can “dress” with locks climbing or parade , we can enhance it with skim partial or dyes in shades of shocking. Many variations for a haircut gorgeous!

 hairstyles 2016

One of the best hairstyles for 2016 could not miss the lob

In 2015 the lob was one of haircuts packages to the situation will not change in 2016 , indeed! hairstyles 2016

The smooth mood, just the lob, the average length hair typical of this cut, the variants that can be created, collected or dissolved, the project no doubt in this Special hit parade of best hairstyles for 2016 .

hairstyles 2016

 hairstyles 2016


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