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Hair tapestry: What is the latest trend of fashion summer hair

It’s called , is rapidly giving a tour of Italy and aims to be one of the new trends in fashion hair. A tendency so being affirmation that may soon become one of the most frequent requests of the . But what is it? And because this kind of can actually be one of the choices “in” for women (young and old) who choose to embrace this kind of ?


Although the name is partially new, l ‘ Hair tapestry is not intended to be a real revolution in fashion hair, what a pleasant return to the past. With this name you want in fact indicate a sort of evolution of the braids of colored cotton that both were fashionable in the ’90s, and that today are proposed with real tapestries that are made on the hair with wires colored cotton.

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And it is no coincidence that Hair tapestry, in Italian, can be effectively translated as “tapestries in the hair”! Born in the halls Londoners Bleach London, this kind of trend uses the opportunity to weave together different threads of a lock of hair. The key word is, of course, “creativity”: the shades and patterns it will be chosen based on their tastes and on the basis of the end result that you want to communicate . In principle, however, just a tapestry not too eccentric to capture the attention of those around us, confirming to be in step with the times and fashions.



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