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Hair gray blue, new trend of winter 2016!

If you are tired of the usual hair and the usual tone, and you are looking for alternative colors, you are right. And so are you if you get tired of pastels or platinum hue that have certainly lured the curiosity of women, but is now no longer a total novelty. The new this in 2016 in terms of color is blue rather than gray hair or, best of Grey : a color that starts from a base of gray to give unforgettable blue hues!

 gray hair

Of course, even in this case we are not in front of a complete innovation, and the most careful if they will be already noticed. The gray is in fact for some time a beautiful discovery, and there are so many women who have chosen to view off a granny hair . What is the new element is rather the combination of the blue to gray: then, with a slight variation on the theme, you can really treat yourself to a look “seen” that could accompany these times during the winter, giving you a really hairstyle particularly valuable, and be able to give sensuality really unexpected!

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This color seems currently playing his cards more convincing on extensions of longer hair. In reality, however, it seems to be the ideal for women that feature shorter hair and especially for any type of “category” female. This kind of trend has in fact been married with particular satisfaction both by women younger than those who are a bit ‘more forward with the chronological age. Young or old, all were put together by the Blue Grey Hair , with gray hair blue you can then apply to play a prominent role among the less popular shades.


Of course, you also this color – as rather attractive – will still have to be weighted, as all shades, on the specific situation. Some women may not like for example his approach with your complexion, while others may simply be defined as a color too “eccentric” in relation to the workplace where they are located. In short, it does some evaluation realized on the characteristics of this look, and take a look at our photo gallery today: we are sure that you will find some basic information and a few good starting point to be able to make an argument more aware of the possibility of abandoning the current hue and go to gray blue !


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