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Hair fashion, hairstyles elegant … not just the first year!

For many of our readers, the -end holidays will certainly represented occasion to discuss their own look, style experimenting maybe some more innovative than usual, and donating to their hair a style unmistakably attractive. But why stop only to Christmas and the New Year? Why not allow this creativity and this refinement to be the star of all 52 weeks that make up the solar year?


A closer look, as we have repeated many times in recent months, are just a few tweaks to his ordinary style in order to give a totally new and incredibly attractive. And for this reason we now offer some inspiration to distinguish your look even in the days to follow. But where to start?


Let’s start from the bob , or long bob . Who married for the whole year this hairstyle universally recognized as one of the most appreciated business cards for women, can try with a new styling curly, or with the tips curved. If you have straight hair or super smooth, you can still recreate the graceful curls on the end of the hair, making hair slightly moved, even in a natural way.

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For the medium or long hair, there is also the possibility of using once again the classic retouch back: will be enough collect hair back , and round hairstyle with hair plugs or soft moves, they can frame your face. Always for you that you have medium or long hair, woe to forget the many advantages that one chignon can give you: it’s a hairstyle very neat, simple to recreate, especially if you take help from some small springs, a good clip and hairspray (not too aggressive).


Further to the above, our advice for women who have medium or long hair can only be to reflect on the many benefits that you will get a nice ponytail. The ponytail is one of the hairstyles coolest of the year, both low and high: try to find the right height, and the result will come by itself. A beautiful combination of simplicity, elegance and comfort.

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