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Hair extensions with clips and real hair: Costs and tips!

The stylish extension apply to capell the there for many years. Girls who still practice the high school women VIP, none has managed to resist the urge to stretch the hair at will and make them more dense when needed.

Today’s article aims to solve all the doubts that normally are created in this specific field. We will see what are the methods for attaching hair extensions, What are the materials to create them, how long they can be brought, and of course, all the tips to cure perfectly (and so make them last longer) the hair extensions! But first, let me address you with a look all too overlooked.


Where do the hair extension?


Honestly, from the user’s extension, I often wondered what were the origins of these strands to hair , which are or artificial. I remained disappointed when some hairdressers in which I addressed did not know answer.

Unfortunately, as often happens, it is difficult to give a precise time-space location in our hair extensions. According to my research, however, practice to apply the extension to the hair comes directly from India . Tradition dictates that women donassero to the god Vishnu within his temple a very valuable thing. I own hair. You should know that in India the hair is important for personal glory, because the skin care and hair, in addition to various ornaments, made the girl more brave and respectable in society.

The aim of this ritual is to purificiare his soul and his body through this symbolic gesture. And before this it was perhaps the only reason. Today, with the growing interest on the part of man to get rich, things have changed. Who manages the temple sells to companies that produce hair wigs and precisely extension.

Not only the local girls cut their hair to the god Vishnu, the pilgrims who reach millions the temple from all corner of the world. Obviously p for some years now that the hair of these Indian women were used for the creation of extension, this also in honor to their natural beauty.

Methods to attach extension


The vosto desire is to d ‘infoltire fringe or any hair? It does not matter. Methods to attach extension hair are many. Today I want to analyze with you one by one, so that you can then choose what you think is the most suitable!

Extension with keratin


This is the method most widely used. The extension with keratin are much appreciated because they ensure longer duration, whatever the ‘acconciatura hair adopted or the type of cut you want us over.

The strands are attached on extension natural hair using the keratin, heated with an iron specially created. If this technique is implemented by a professional, the result will be natural and glue practically invisible.

Many women choose to use the extension with keratin because can last for 5 months. A few strands then be more resistant than others, and so, if you want to continue using the fake locks, just replace as those who come away with new ones.

From time to time it is advisable to let “breathe” hair, removing them completely for a few months. Keratin is dissolved with a special acid. However, it should be careful, because not all women this method is recommended. It weakens much hair, and those who have problems of fragile capillaries should opt for a different technique, which will see between pococomunque.

Extension hair clip


Diametrically opposite to the ones we have just seen the hair extensions with . It is furniture locks, you can remove and re-apply over and over again. You can learn how to apply them yourself, although as with everything, it will take a lot of practice and training to make them perfect and invisible. Whether your hair is weak or strong, the extension with clip will prove perfect.

The extension clip is not real hair extensions “fixed”, and as opposed to what you think are no different to the fixed extension, because they can last even longer (especially if you buy those created with real hair). They must be treated with great care of course, but I’m sure that if you choose to make such an investment will not fail in this task.

The mechanism which are hooked to the natural hair can not be numbered among the anchoring systems themselves, but more between the hooks for the “false” and is created to use the extension even for a few hours, for example, within a day . Ultimately is a system by which the hairdresser or yourself in your own home you can give free rein to your creativity in changing at will the length or other aspects of your hairstyle.

Ultimately the hair extension with the anchoring system should be considered and used for what they are, and that is a way to change her hairstyle for an elegant evening in a nightclub, or to show up at an event important coiffed in a different way. Which are a pleasant change of hairstyle temporary absolutely must be clear from the start, from the time of purchase. The “wear” in the morning and before going to bed in the evening, along with the makeup, I take them to me.

Now that we have thoroughly clarified this concept, it is possible to analyze in detail all the positives, the benefits that these hair extensions have, for example, compared to the extension in character “permanent”

The fastening system is very simple to use, so, being small clips (small tweezers) to tighten on our natural hair, we can “wear” even without the help of our hairdresser;

They are absolutely aggressive towards our hair. Since the “tweezers” are built with high quality materials and type of hypoallergenic, and, in general, are also coated fabrics soft and delicate, their engagement will not cause any damage to our hair;

You do not see: the camouflage with our natural hair is almost perfect and the location of the clips on the inside of the wing and makes the extension with clips absolutely unrecognizable to our hair “natural”;

L ‘ engagement is proof of “tug of hair”: the tenacity of the attachment will be absolutely efficient if we will cotonare his locks of hair which will be attached the clips of the extension;

You immediately get the desired results: we want immediately and completely change our hairstyle? A few clips in a few minutes and we have a new hair!

Now we have good reason to believe This type of extension , the ones with the clips not the poor sisters of the extension “permanent” , but, indeed, a very valuable solution for temporary changes of our hairdos because of their fundamental properties that differentiate them from “other”: the possibility of ” wear “only when we want to take them off and put them on their own when we feel that the time has come. And, with a little practice ,, getting themselves perfect results.

There are obviously ideal solutions, but not perfect. In fact, if we intend to use other practical extension of these daily and not occasionally, it would be to opt for those made with natural hair, and, in this case, the price is at least equal, if not greater (and sometimes not just) to that of the extension permanent, fixed. But we can take comfort in knowing that if we deal with all the care and attention appropriate, these hair extensions may last extra long.

The alternative” poor “, to the extent of all budgets is still on the market, and is made up of extension clip made of a synthetic fiber is not natural but . Alas, of course, the financial savings you pay the reduced quality and we risk finding ourselves in a head “lucidume” unnatural that there could be come up with the idea of ​​having thrown our money away. Then we must necessarily give up our extension hair clips If you do not have the portfolios of Scrooge ‘Scrooge? No. But we follow this advice: Do not acquistiamole mail order or on the internet, but we try to buy them where we can first see and touch them in person in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. Or let us turn to our hairdresser will know where to buy them avoid us find the hands of cheerleader for tents.

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Extension hair sewn

This method is less known but many women, especially among the stars, they prefer it. A weaving technique is used for sewing really the strands to the real hair. The hair is not damaged and removed the locks can be re-used.

In this case you should choose real hair so as to make a long-term investment.

Extension with Micro-rings

As the name suggests, to attach to the hair strands is used a special ring to be inserted into the lock true. Once you get to the skin is crushed with pliers. Perfect because it does not damage the hair, but on the other hand, the term is really inconvenient. Roughly resist a month. However, it can be used again.

Extension with double-sided adhesive

Maybe you did not know yet that existed. In fact it is a technique quite new and uncommon, which provides for the application of the lock to the root Hair thanks to s upport strips bi-melt adhesives; or. Even this investment is good, because despite the layer that allows the application will be changed with every use, the hair can be reused instead. The result is natural and if applied well it is impossible to tell the difference from the real ones. Do not damage your hair and last about two months.

Types of hair extensions


All in all two types of hair extensions. You can choose those or synthetic fiber, the extension created with natural hair. My advice, especially if you choose to put those fixed, is choose your real hair. Here are some good reasons:

The effect is much more natural

If kept with care can be reused several times

When are knotted and rippling as they do any other real hair. Synthetic fibers tend to knot much more.

You can pettinare your hair long as you wish, without fear that the fold does not take.

However I want to be honest. By now even the hair synthetic fiber are made perfectly . Aesthetically are unaltered natural ones. Remember, however, that a brief extension of this type can cost more than a natural, those cheap however, are almost always low quality.

How much do hair extensions?

Of course there is no fixed price for the extension. Everything varies by manufacturer, by color, by whether or moves are smooth, the hairdresser who in turn will sell to you etc. However, we can estimate a price ranging from 3 to 5 euro single strand , usually the price of the application is already included. The next time you go to the hairdresser riattacarle will be asked only the price of labor.

The perfect number of extension varies from 80 to 100 strands . In this way the fill will be complete and the hair will be extended without notice the difference between your and those applied. Then the price could range between 300 and 500 Euros. However, remember that in some cases the number of strands may be higher or lower, everything changes according to event staff.

How long do the extension?

The duration of the extension will vary depending the type of application. As we saw earlier, the extension that last more than ever are applied with keratin . They can get to a period of 5 months. The other types of applications instead vary from 1 to 2 months. The lock of extension in itself can last much, because it can be applied again until it’s in good condition. If you care for your extension also in the period of “stop”, the one where you allow your hair to breathe, they can prove to be a good investment in the long term.

The extension synthetic fiber last less instead, because they tend to knot hopelessly much more easily.

Any recommendations for a perfect cure of hair extensions!

 Vanessa Hudgens extensions

Treating extension is not that difficult. Just get your hands on the right tools and everything will turn out easier than it seems.

The shampoo should be neutral. Trust hairdresser who applied the extension and ask him the best one for your hair and the strands just applied.

Do not wash your hair upside down to prevent the formation of nodes are difficult to remove.

Before you wash your hair, comb it carefully. Remember that washing should not exceed 2-3 times a week.

Apply a moisturizing mask on length.

Use a soft brush to prevent the teeth of the comb tearing away the extension . To comb several times a day, making sure to keep them firm to the skin with your hand.

The hair extensions dry as natural hair.

New: the hair extension Remy. Hair Extension Remy

You will sometimes heard of these new hair extensions , those Remy hair. He speaks as an ‘extension of higher quality, and at a higher price. But, actually, what I really am and Remy hair that has advantages over other types of hair?

What does this mean?

Basically hair type Remy hair are those which have not been eliminated the cuticles. Human hair is not smooth, but are formed from many small flakes, also called “fish bones” covering them protecting them. When you remove the cuticles of the hair is weaker and with less brightness.

Why are removed the hair cuticles?

Hair Extension Remy

As we have seen the function of the cuticle is to provide protection to the hair and toughen. But that does not remove the hair cuticles suffer because they tangle when they are inserted in the reverse the Extension hair , in detail when it is inserted in the opposite direction (root-tip) than other hair. So it is necessary that the hair is cut correctly and even inserted in the correct direction after they were collected.

As a result if this rule is not respected because we are not using a hair grade or collected and then not can be confident in the natural direction of the hair root-tip, it is necessary to remove cuticles, desquamandolo, a process that, over all, is involved in a further weakening of the hair itself. However, with a hair not of first choice, is the ‘only way to reduce tangling subsequently.

At this point it intervenes on the hair squamate with the application of a thin layer of silicone for giving back to hair strength and brightness. The greatest shortcoming, however, is the duration of the layer based on silicone which is considerably lower than the normal duration of a hair with its cuticles so after a few weeks, the hair will be difficult to comb. Here also explained the higher cost of Remy hair: the selection of the hair to maintain the natural direction the same for all the hair has entered a cost that is reflected in the final purchase price but also results in a product aesthetically more close to natural hair, controlled at the source, of higher quality, more robust and significantly more beautiful.

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