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Hair extensions and braids black women in 2016

Hairstyles for Women I am truly dazzling. From childhood most mothers continue to create endless types of our hair to look beautiful on one side and the other of course to avoid problems with hair styling each morning. I’m talking about hairstyles of protection that we are used to when we were kids. But these very hairstyles braids are extremely popular for adults as well. When planning a vacation and want to devote all your time to have fun and enjoy yourself, you go and do some natural hairstyles interwoven with your stylist. When you feel that your hair is tired of straightening and application of different means of hair care, you go and do twist and braids.

 Best Braids Black Women 2016

And we all know that the most popular hairstyles are made with hair extensions. From the very famous braids braids Marley and Senegalese twists, the versatility of styles will amaze and arm hair with possible solutions for each season.

dreadlocks for black women

 Dreadlocks Braids for women of color dreadlocks for black women

Not long ago we identified Zendaya with huge mane of faux dreadlocks. And since fears for black women have become extremely fashionable.They are all very nice and natural colors for dark hair and extensions artificial blondes.

Women Black Box braids

small box Braid black women  big box braids for black women

braids hairstyles security are a never ending story, love story and diversity, and opportunities. From small box braids that take so long to create, in large braids box that are so voluminousness and imposing, this type of protection will be trendy hairstyles forever.

Senegalese twists hair extensions

 little twists Senegalese women of color

The type Senegalese braids found its origins ion of West Africa, why have that name. This sheet is available on the two strands of hair extensions straight around the roots and then a twit. Again it is free to play with the colors and small and big surprises.

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Yarn braids hairstyles protective

 Braids yarn for women of color

Another popular styles are the braids of yarn. They are created with yarn and are characterized by bright colors used to make headdresses. With the yarn you can create any style -. Braids and twists and fears

Marley braids hairstyles natural

 Marley Braid Black Women 2016

At first glance E’non is easy to find the difference between Marley and Senegalese twists. But they are different and the difference is in the extensions used. Marley twists are based on hair frizzy and dry hair that resemble very natural. While Senegalese twists are made of smooth and glossy extensions.

Ghana braids hairstyles

 Braids Ghana for women of color

This type styling is also known as Banana Cornrows. The extension is woven tightly to your skin and then by regular braids.

braids crochet for black women

 crochet braids for black women

Finally, hook that does not seem at all braids. This is also the type of technique used to create them. Actually these are all very curly hair extension that are tied closely to the head.

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