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Hair color 2016: new advances in shades that will be!

The has already begun, but what seems clear is that many of the trends will be discovered only with the passage of weeks and months. For the moment, therefore, we can not be content to take advantage of some anticipation and rumor about the future and found that – at least for now – to win are especially warm , such as chocolate caramel, marron glacé , and also the greatest curvature such as red or gray white.In short, although it is too early to say about it, the eternal debate between those who prefer the shades blondes that prefer the tones brown, seem to be to win the second. Dark shades of 2016 are not yet ready at dusk and darkness more shaded: rather prefer colors of hair, but in shades brown, will make a difference for the proper exploitation of the sheen and gloss. Whether sufficient, in this regard, take a look at what has been achieved by leading hair salons around the world, that have given rise to a real run for their glossing, tonalizzazioni extremely declined, that with their effect tends Transparent can add a touch of depth to the color and light even more traditional.


It is therefore a tempting solution for those wanting to avoid permanent stains, or for those who want to refresh their color waiting for a more in-depth session from your hairdresser. Perfect not only for women, have long since conquered the preferences of boys, apparently able to properly take advantage of the reflections that these treatments can provide.

So, what emerges is that, even for once, colors 2016 will tend to be devoted to dynamism and sense of motion, instead relegating to the past the feelings more opaque and flat.


Finally Keep an eye on the new colorazioni herbal: totally devoid of chemical agents, they are capable of illuminating in a natural way the lengths of your hair. A trend that seems to be entering into force, especially among younger people, who prefer to try these treatments are less aggressive, which can also bring significant benefits in terms of nutrition, brightness and smoothness, thanks to the ingredients of which are formed.

So, for this year the music does not change: the trends in hair colors are numerous and well able to satisfy any woman. From the youngest to the more mature, all the foliage will soon find their perfect shade!







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