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Grey hair 2019: trendy shades of grey and tips for staining in grey color

Coloring in grey is literally tribute to fashion. What caused excitement around this color, how it attracts eyes of many beauties and why grey hair is not only lot of aged women? Let’s figure out grey hair and trends.

Trendy shades of grey hair 2019

Popular grey hair 2019 shades include:

Probably popular among people who follow fashion has become graphite. It has dark metallic tint. Palette is quite diverse: from bright grey to wet asphalt.

  • Ash blonde became choice of white-haired ladies because it gives spectacular look and perfectly removes yellowness. It differs in silver or ashen sheen and ability to give beautiful woman noble look.
  • Ash-grey is one of stylish shades even among famous people due to fact that it looks very naturalistic on blonde curls. There are various variations, you can paint your curls in classical way or do it in 3D (using three shades). Blonde, ash and light brown subtone are needed to create volumetric effect.

Light grey is the likeness of ordinary light blonde. It’s chameleon color: in the afternoon you’ll see light tone on your strands, and closer to evening it’ll turn dark.

In order to achieve this result, it’s necessary to resort multi-level coloration, which includes silver blonde and light brown tones.

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