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Fashion hair beginning of the year, 9 ways to style your look!

New , new ? For many women, the answer is positive. The start of a new season (solar) coincides with some fresh energy and new resolutions that many members of the fairer sex are trying to convert into a brand new style, in the hope to see again in a positive way his hairstyle, treat yourself and thus a renewed femininity and sensuality. But how to style their in 2016 just begun? How to follow the main trends in the fashion hair ?


The alternatives – not even remember it! – They are numerous. Let us summarize the main.

Long hair with side parting


Try to give more dynamism to your cut. Will simply move the line to the side on your cutting long hair , with a large sprig climbed that will enhance your figure.

Long hair with middle row


As above, but the line is taken centrally. The two tufts side will bestow great romance and sensuality, emphasizing his facial features.

Long line with central and fringe


Woe to forget the Fringe , inevitable element of style in the fashion hair contemporary . So you can try a cut along and climbed, with the middle line, enriched by a fringe-down menu, which opens centrally to give more importance to the look.

Hair with long fringe


About Fringe , if you do not love bangs French, and you have a look you want to highlight in particular, why not try a nice full bangs and long?

Hair tufts with scaled and colored


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If you want to focus attention on a particular element of style of your personal fashion hair , there is nothing rather than pointing to the scaling of the front tufts, and their color in a tone trend.

Long Hair forelock


If the above-mentioned Fringe does not appeal to you, but you need to give greater emphasis to your look, better focus on a tuft side, possibly secured with a bobby pin for an even more practical.

Curly and fringe


wavy or curly hair have been (and will be) a trends coolest. So you can combine a dynamic hair with a beautiful fringe to be left natural, thus emphasizing the facial features.

Hair medium or long with short bangs

 fringe-2014 -read-short-to-center

Let us return once again on the Fringe . In this case you can opt for un’accorciatina: short bangs and cut marched for an original look and refined.

Hair medium with extra tuft


If you want a very feminine on your hair medium , nothing better than opting for a large sprig extra long able to cover part of the face. A young, fresh style, that will in your collection of alternatives!

Bob asymmetric

We could not forget the bob ? Obviously not, and here he is in asymmetrical version with side parting.


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