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Brown hair, how to apply the right makeup

Her brown hair is one of the favorite colors of the Italian women. Part of that credit must be given to the fact that many Mediterranean women are born with brown hair (tending to dark) and then you find that pitch “naturally” on the foliage. For others, the brown hair instead represent a landing point, perhaps after spotting some of the best known international beauties, who have long espoused the idea to enrich their hairstyle with a nuance brown .


However, what we ask today is not how it is You can try to get a perfect brown or shades of brown hair which try to adopt in order to enhance their aesthetic power. But today we want to ask what the proper to be applied to those who have brown hair, and want to appear more elegant and refined, in the life of every day like on the big occasions.


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That said, we can not forget, since this opening, such as brown hair – unlike other lighter shades, as the blond – have the advantage of being able to define the face with higher intensity, acting as a boundary for the beauty of facial features. Therefore, it is a sort of magnifying glass, which will act as “background” to your eyes, your lips, your complexion.


And speaking of embodied, we can only recommend a suggestion always valid: do not distort the color of your skin by applying a foundation that does not perfectly match with the naturalness of skin. So it is better to try to a foundation that recalls precisely the color of your complexion, looking – if you want – to limit yourself to a bit of ground. The look, however, can be enhanced with a bit of blush, the color of which will again depend on that of your skin. Another secret is to match the color of blush with the lipstick, so as not to create conflicts detrimental to the overall beauty of the figure (and if you do not know where to begin lipstick, try a nice fishing and, from this color, possibly move gradually until you find your ideal end point).

The eyes ? We certainly can not forget the look of an ideal definition: to do this, you just need some product in the lower conjunctiva and to root of the lashes. You will thus get a magnetic eyes and seductive …


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