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Blunt cut, the discovery of a new trend cut in 2016

If you want to change your look, and you’re still looking for a new cutting that can suitably express your research in hair fashion theme for recently started, the blunt cut might be what is right for you. And if you still do not know what it is, no fear: CapelliStyle is here with you to try to trick you into pleasant style temptations, showing you – even with a fine collection of photographs that can be enjoyed on the sidelines of this study – all the benefits in choosing the blunt cut like your new haircut for 2016.

Since the early looks, blunt cut shows all her looks benefits. from the United States reached – like many other trends in hair fashion, anticipated in these pages – The blunt cut is a bulky, full cut, which can bring the clean lines, precise and geometric . In this sense, it is clear contrasts with what had been some of the main trends of last year, when they were to prevail climbing lines and parades, typical of the ’70s. Today, however, they begin to rediscover the stricter trends , without of course abandoning possibility of marrying the first.

For the reasons mentioned above – and more – the blunt cut may well be a huge appeal cut, able to make you move certainly not unnoticed by friends and colleagues: a clean cut, which will invigorate your hair and your look, and that may be available in two different lengths. In the first, more gettonata, you are going to get some sort of sandwich, a typical helmet; with the second, more suitable for women who love long hair, you will get instead an alternative media, with hair extending down to his shoulders slightly.

That said, we also remember that the blunt cut is not really “ideal” for women who neglect a little ‘your hairstyle. It is actually a very precise cut, and therefore will need to return periodically from your hairdresser to renew the original geometry, and thus preserve the lengths equal . However, this is a very versatile cut that you can bring in so many ways. For example, if you love a more easy and carefree look, you can create a fake effect disheveled drying hair upside down and applying a mousse that can emphasize the volume.

If the favorite against a muted effect, you can create waves and curls with irons. If you want to enhance the geometry, nothing better than to approach with a beautiful fold smooth.





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