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Blonde hair 2019: Top trendy shades and stylish tips for blonde hair color

Women with beautiful hair always attract eyes, because their hair has rare and bright color. Beautiful hair color will help to reveal femininity and demonstrate your attractiveness to others. Main thing is to choose right shade among presented palette of coloring pigments. We’ll talk about hair trends.

Blonde hair 2019: color features

Blonde color allows curls to open up during sun overflows, makes image of owner bright and stylish. Let’s speak about blonde hair 2019 features.

Advantages of coloring in light colors:

  • you become younger by 5-10 years, as blonde pulls attention to yourself, distracting skin from wrinkles and sagging

You can vary your image due to different : cold blonde will make you confident, warm halftones will reveal your femininity, and peach, purple or caramel notes will emphasize extravagance of image

  • Each manufacturer offers wide palette of blonde shades, so you can easily find your version
  • Blonde perfectly masks gray hair that is just beginning to make its way

Among disadvantages of staining in blonde can be identified aggressive effects of oxidizing agents on structure of curls. Oxides remove own pigment, making hair lifeless and devoid of moisture. If you don’t carry out rehabilitation, then soon curls will become lifeless.

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