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Blond hair, make-up that I can use? 20 ideas to share!

Women who have the hair generally have a very clear complexion, and may enhance their beauty thanks to a hair can make it a lot brighter than its overall figure. All this, as above said, “generally”. Because in reality women with blond hair may well show off a darker complexion: the platinum blonde to the ash , the Golden to new trends to be in this sector, your hairdresser certainly has the “blond” for you even if you have an olive skin.


Beyond the skin type / color of blond hair you can show off, now we try to provide some quick advice on what is the make-up that you can match to your hairstyle. We shall return to this topic, responding to the many requests we have received in the newsroom, but as of now it seems useful to mention that the basic make-up for women who have blond hair must rest on a goal: to give much brightness to your face, avoiding the “turn off” the light that is already created by the golden .

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That’s why one of the make-up products you should try to get inside the Your beauty case is a bell’illuminante, which will become an indispensable accessory for both women who have a very pale complexion, and for those women who have a rather typical Mediterranean complexion.

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As for the foundation, try not to change the color of your skin naturally. Avoid therefore to approach a foundation tanning, which on one hand will make darker your skin, the other side will expose you to the risk of the emergence of spots with the neck, or in the same face.


As for the eyes and lips, try instead to use a good synergy by contrast: if rigged “very” (but still with caution!) eyes, avoid overloading the lips, and so on. In particular, the look is always good to use some caution with , defining still very good eyes, also going to darken the eyebrows and upper lash . For lips, as long as do not be exaggerated with at eye level, you can opt to darken with a lipstick (a nice bright red, but that does not exceed!) Or leave more natural, applying a simple balm lips: the latter will certainly for more detail if you have rigged the eye area.


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