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Blond hair and brown, 40 ideas not to be missed

Golden and black. Two contrasts … that may well be incorporated to ‘interior of a single hair, giving an extremely modern, contemporary, sophisticated and seductive. To confirm the above, we are pleased to show a with 40 different haircuts that unite the two apparent opposites in shades really extraordinary and female, thus giving you the opportunity to evaluate and re-create the same look. A style rather rock, which would certainly need to reward your personality and sensuality, amazing your friends and your friends, and demonstrating incredible versatility!

The relationship between the blond and black is indeed a mix of shades not new. For several months it is in fact a rather sophisticated trend that we believe will ensure adequate satisfaction to your tresses. A look that can also be integrated into a thousand different forms, thus satisfying both those which seek greater eccentricity, and both those who strive a less radical.

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The alternatives are not lacking certainly . Already a few weeks ago we remembered how it was possible to point to a rapid bleaching with blond hair at the top, and a darkening deep into the black at the tips. In the opposite, as you can see on our site in different insights, you can also try to find a more alternative look, with blond braids and a dark center. The effect will still be desirable, strong and determined.

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If you want something less eccentric, you can achieve a faded tuft of black hair, giving you a touch of transgression within a common style and, in the end, a good mix between the desire to confirm its tone and to change it in a more rock.





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