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Best short hair in 2016, here is what will!

If you are looking for a nice cutting short hair to show off for , and you want to make this part of the autumn – winter season in order to reschedule your look and reshape it according to your preferences, maybe the photo gallery of today could come to your aid, we we have in fact identified some proposals that could be for you, and that you may be able to customize enough. Or, at least, the right time to make the solutions charm really enviable, which certainly will not be able to do without it!


As we have repeated many times in recent days, however, short hair are one of the best ways to adapt to a style suitable for everyday use with a particular expression and personality. And at the same time a style useful to enrich their charm with the right touch of attitude, knowing that on the occasions of greater prestige just a few minutes to turn a “common” taglio short hair into a weapon of seduction and charm win!


Well established above, to try to guess what the best short hair 2016 we can only trace those who seem to have been the choices of the best hairstylists in the world over the past few months: light cuts, dynamic, eventually declined on short or very short, from match the right color and the right techniques of introducing a “new” color . But how to translate these ideas into concrete a touch of style?

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First, 2016 is intended to reward the corti or better, the very short . Therefore, if you are undecided whether to keep your existing style or to revise that can reward a lesser extent, cut down any doubt a thousand times better to give it a rest – in every sense! – And get to show off a beautiful short, or very short.


After this first step, make sure that your new hairstyle courts to be able to reward a sense of naturalness and lightness. Which, translated in practical terms, means prune where necessary, enrich where wants, and play with scaling, tufts, fringes and all I can give you a feeling of “light” to your head.

Finally , a nod to the color : 2016 will award all the nuances and subtle contrasts. Therefore, not taken a coloring too homogeneous and, in turn, embrace with both hands sweeping, shatush, bleaching and light. And good research on your new favorite short cut!


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