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Best Ombre Hair Colors for Black Hair 2018

When the women with the black hairs want to take the advantage of the ombre application they usually have worries about how their ombre will look on their black hairs. However your hairs will look beautiful in the event that your ombre application will be carried out by the professional hands in the hairdresser. You should pay a great attention to the ombre hair color that you will have in your head in the event that you have black hair color. One of the best technique that you can adopt for you black hairs is the balayage technique which will not be that much white enough to disturb your overall look. To put it simple the dore shades that will be located in your black hairs which will be applied gently will make you look quite stylish and beautiful.

Of course it will be a big mistake to tell that there is one one truth about the hairs. In fact, your own tastes and personality will be in the fore when you are going to choose an ombre color for your black hairs. However in the event that you can not decide on your ombre hair color then you should definitely ask the opinion of your hairdresser for better results. Your hairdresser will suggest you a color which will be compatible with your skin color. So how you can adopt the ombre hair colors on your black hairs? Here you can learn how to do it. First of all you need to separate your hairs from the middle in order to apply ombre on your black hairs. Then you need to mix the hair bleacher and oxidant in a cup to make it ready. You need to use nine percent oxidant in order to prevent the new color to become white on your black hairs.

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Mix the mixture until it has a consistency like a pudding. In the event that you will have a very hard mixture then it will be very hard for you to apply it on your hairs and in addition to these it will not bleach the color of your hairs as you want and your hair color may be darker than you want. Then start backcombing your hair’s starting from your neck and start packaging your hairs by getting one pinch and then applying the hair bleacher on it with the help of the aluminium folio.

Repeat the backcombing for few times by getting the pinches between two of your fingers towards the roots in order ensure the color transition will look much more natural between the black and blonde. The backcombing must be carried out in a professional manner while you are going to apply ombre on your black hairs. Since you have black hair colors this will allow the transition lines be more visible. And then open the packaged hair pinches one by one and dry them after washing them. You should start from the first hair pinch that you packaged while opening the packages and wash them with a hair shampoo and then apply cream on them.

We already noted that you should carry out professional backcombing while you are going to apply ombre on your black hairs. This is why you should start combing starting from the edges of your hairs. After your hairs will be ready you will dye your hairs to any hair color that you would like to have as an ombre on your black hairs. But keep in mind that you should prefer a darker shade of which color you want in order to get the best results. This is why it will be better for you to pay a visit to your hairdresser in order to apply ombre on your black hair colors. In this way you will get the best color possible in line with your tastes and desires, otherwise it will be highly possible for you to feel regret because of the color shade you will have on your hairs. Let us know what do you think about these hairstyles by leaving a comment to this article so that we can discuss them in here altogether.

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