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Best couples and hairstyles 2016 Oscar

’s Academy Awards did not bring so many sensational new appointment and without that we know everything, we can take a look again the stars and celebrities. The hairstyles of the women in Oscar’s were passing, elegant and simple. The clothes are also distinguished by their modesty and style. And among all this beauty there is one thing worth attention – the pairs of celebrities and harmonious looks. red carpet events become a real contest for Star to win the hearts and to show their being the best couple with the best dress fitting and overwhelming celebrity hairstyles .

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The best couples and hairstyles Oscar's 2016

In this article you will see the most amazing couples who enlighten us, the prepare for spring 2016, for the love and the most beautiful moments of our lives. Not all of us have had this perfect composition of trends and fashion, uniting ourselves with our better half. the Oscar red carpet can be called the best catwalk to show your relationships in the best way.

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