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Balayage Hair Color İdeas for 2017

The days of the new year were full of excitement for all of us, and we started a searching for a change from head to toe. As the most important accessories for women are our hair, we are a bit hesitant about choosing our style and the most suitable hair models for our face shape. Today I will tell you about a special hairstyle for the new year. hair models that are not going out from the fashion stage even if the years passed away, these hair models are always a fashion. Now I can show you these hair models that you can easily apply to yourself in this New Year.

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We love as women to make differences and make changes in our hair, so we can make applications like balayage, highlights and hair shadows. But the balayage, highlights and hair shadows are different processes from each other. So it is useful to know the difference between them. If you ask “What is this balayage, what are season balayage hair models? ” Let’s look at these questions together and try to give the right answer.

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