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Ash blonde hair 2019: Best ways to achieve stylish ash blonde hue

The last few years, ashen color has become real trend. In nature, it’s quite rare, so most of owners of this shade received it by staining. Blondes choose such image more often since ash hue give additional ebb to curls. Ash blond is popular shade of recent seasons. Let’s get acquainted with ash hair trends.

Features and trends for ash blonde hair 2019

In order to get perfect combination with appearance, during procedure you must follow number of recommendations from experts in fashion and beauty industry.

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Features of ash blonde hair 2019

The most important feature of color is absence of its natural counterpart. Only way by which you can get such image is only hair coloring. If curls have characteristic reddish tint, then main difficulty will be associated with its breeding. For owners of dark curls, it’s also important to avoid red tint, which is why so often used purple and blue tones in dye.

Ashy color is first of all cold shade, and for this reason, it suits not every girl. Before changing image, it’s desirable to make sure how much paint will be in harmony with your image. Determine parameters will help color type.

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