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Arjun Kapoor sharp Hairstyles 2015

There are different from the appearance of , the man who was close to Alia Bhatt had cut his hair in a style that is quite unique. Now the crown he was seen standing, animal kindness porcupine spines. Photos New hair immediately got Arjun is crowded cyberspace. And reported by the Villa Rose, a new haircut is not part of his role in television.

According to Arjun, new hair like hedgehogs had been underway in India knows. With this new model, it feels cooler and not too hot, even if the air is very hot. “I am lengthens the hair for a while, and I got bored with this model. It was never intended it, suddenly I want a haircut, “said Arjun

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Thanks to Twitter, Arjun denied that his new haircut is forced his new film producer. All simply because it was hot and wanted to change her hair style that had long wear. Whereas, previously said that Arjun haircut with this unique style because it will play a film produced by her father, Boney Kapoor. If you think, how Arjun appearance this time?


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