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68 Vintage Finger Waves Hairstyles You Will Want

The “S” shaped wave is what is known as the finger wave style. waves are often worn flat on the head. Many people remember the look from the flapper in the 20’s, but it’s really not that much of a vintage style any longer. Like many old styles, it has been updated to match the looks of today. Though some people do still choose to wear the old school style if they are going to a fancy event. It’s like reliving The Great Gatsby for the night.

You can create finger waves for both long and short hair. We’ve even seen finger waves on the red carpet recently and that shows you that they are growing in popularity. Stella McCartney, Marc Jacobs, Gucci and many other designers have styled their models with finger waves.

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These days, we usually don’t style finger waves all over the head though you certainly can if you to. The more modern way of styling it is to just have waves along the hairline. You can also give yourself a new vibe or an edgier look by changing your look with modern colors. Neon colors or pastels are a great combination.

If you are considering the style for your next event, we would suggest that you go to a salon. Finger waves are not easy to do and they often take a lot of practice before you get the hang of it.

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