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5 looks of the 60s to wear even in 2015

Years 60 can be a good source of inspiration for all women who wish you can try to revive your look with a nice throwback. A veritable mine of creativity, so as to constitute a crucial decade for all women who simply want to learn more about the origin of many of the cuts that now depopulated around the world.

Just to make about these years, we have now decided to pull out for you 5 classic styles of the ’60s, that you can just repeat today without the risk of sounding old-fashioned . Do not believe us?


Queen Latifah shows us as a typical cut of the 60s, with the hair pulled back, and a nice carry on the right side, can give an air of elegance and timeless charm. A vintage look, we are sure, we will resurface at large in the coming years.


And what about this bob average Gina Gershon? A length and a movement that easily remember the ’60s, with a look that one side will be the height of elegance, and the other side strizzerà eye to contemporary trends, with a touch of panache and movement.


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Still, if you have the medium hair long or , do not forget that one of the most beautiful look natural 60 was based on a beautiful fringe, and the rest of the foliage left smooth, fall front. If you have wavy hair you can get through the judicious use of the plate. And, perhaps, you manage to be stylish as Jessica Biel:


And what about this beautiful ponytail Kate Beckinsale? A clearly inspired by the 60s:


And we close this short series of shots a romantic cut here sported by beautiful Hilary Duff accented by a black wreath marking the visual sull’hairstyle.




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