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25 pixie cut very romantic for December

Pixie cut are undoubtedly one of the favorite choices for all women who want to give themselves an extra touch of personality through a style of great charm, which can combine elegance and a little mischievous look. Over the months the cut has been able to make an increasingly important role of the choices of the most famous hairstylist in the world, who have identified in order to give their customers an alternative style from certain charm, and safe conviction.


But what will, in the coming months, the pixie cut romantic that will go for more?

As always, even in this case the answer can be quite large, considering that the pixie cut can be arranged in a romantic in thousands of ways. For example, you can opt for a pixie with pointed tips, and natural textures to make the cut even more genuine. Very fashionable even the pixie with mannish style , possibly supplemented with a big fringe that may be able to adequately enhance your look, focusing the attention of those who look on a key part of the face.


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The short cut boyish will also trendy but decided with a game of contrasts in length: a greater volume over the head, then move on to a scaling firmer. Pixie bob of asymmetries and caschettate lines, may be the ideal alternative.


As is easy to understand, therefore, the opportunities are not lacking (our list could still long, assuming such a traditional pixie cut in the tomboy, or side cut rather pronounced). What we suggest is of course talk to your hairdresser for greater reference to try to share with him what is the best style to be adopted in the coming future, in order to identify a line that can be very convincing, and can afford to comply with the main trends of the moment.

Look for both our photo gallery today, where you will find 10 proposals for pixie cut very romantic to use in the near future, and try to understand whether they can actually do for you, and which require customization. Focus on the strengths and weaknesses of your face, and impressions that may generate: once completed this phase of preliminary analysis, we believe that you will already be at a great point, and therefore able to take the next steps and decisive the adoption of a new hair look particularly cool!


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