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2016 Hairstyles for busy moms

Being a mother has never end “party “with a lot of unexpected gifts (if you know what I mean). Let’s be positive because being a mom is one of the happiest things that could happen to you. In addition to happy hours with your baby boo you need to find time for yourself, after all, no one said that one should not forget that you are a woman and you need treatment. Here are some cute and easy to make hairstyles for that will help you have look elegant despite having only five minutes.

 wrong -do 2016  wrong to make 2016

wrong doing

Start with hair which divides into two sections and hair twist back and upward. Fix sections with clothespins. When you arrive at the center get two sides together and the style a messy bun.

Messy bun

The best thing you can do for the second wild hair day is to get sandwich messy up-do. You do not even need a mirror. Just pull hair and fix wires with clothespins. . Flyaway strands will make your hair more beautiful so there is no need to worry

 messy bun 2016 simple chignon 2016

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Half up-do hairstyle

If you have structured your hair and you like it when cascading down on your shoulders, you can get half up-do that is more comfortable to wear hair completely loose. You can simply pull thin wire on each side and fasten to the neck. On the other hand, you can simply turn up at half-do something really nice to weave the front or the completion of hairstyle with hair accessory.

 half up-do hairstyle 2016


One of the newest styles seen on the catwalks is braided pigtails hairstyle. This up-do simple and childlike will be perfect for moms. In addition, you can style similar up-do for your little princess and both look so beautiful.

braided pigtails 2016  braided hairstyles 2016

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