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2016 Fall Hairstyles

By vahagnmirzoyan 4 September 2015

I can not believe it, but it’s already fall. I have not hidden shorts and crop tops, but I’ve already got new haircut for the fall. Happy to share my experience and thoughts on fall hairstyles I checked the latest shows and collected some really cool examples of dos tendency special for you. . Before you get your dress updated get your haircut updated.

Mermaid 2016

Mermaid haircut? Are you serious? In fact, hairstyle siren is a trend on the catwalk. Soft loose waves with center parting were seen on many fashion design. A look at some ‘undone reminds us of the waves on the beach. Still hairstyle siren is softer with just saw waves.


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Low Ponytail Hairstyles 2016

Get it down. Wearing elegant or moved. In both cases it appears hot. Low ponytail can be activated with formal do if completed with the hardware hair. Among other things, metal accessories are also or trend.

Blunt Cut 2016

Do not softer He graduated layers. Not everything is quite clear and rigorous. I’m talking about hairstyles blunt cut bob as blunt or short pixie. Not enough? Get long hair cut straight to the center of separation and not burst at all.

The same simplicity, minimal worries style up-do hairstyles. No waves and soft lines. Get slicked up-do with buds or side parted hair. Wet will add more drama to the image you. The only thing to do is learn to withstand high doses of sensuality.


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