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20 Spiky Hairstyles for men in modern interpretation

hairstyles for men are if ninety-except that they’re totally not. While the spiky hair movement is reaching the point of its popularity during the time The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was on TV and everything world wearing their baggy pants too low, he never wavered far as all the other modes. In fact, he did better with time!

Cool today Spiky for Men

Since then, men have perfected the look, trading in their gel hair dollar store for something a little lighter, allowing a softer take on the classic style. If you want to switch the points, but do not know how, read on. We have twenty different and unique takes to guide you through it. In the end, you should know exactly what is best for you

No. 1 :. Disheveled Edgy Hairstyle Men

See Matthew Atkinson and his messy spikes. It almost seems as if he just rolled out of bed and went out with a perfect, bedhead portable. We all know it is not really possible, so how does this piece get the style? Simple: take a little light hair wax and run your fingers through your hair. It’s really easy provided you have a beautiful razored cut.

cute spiky hairstyle for men

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

# 2: Spiky Hairstyle for men with maximum Lift

The Twilight star (who will be happy to roll his eyes at any mention of the young adult fiction adaptation that skyrocketed his career) lives, breathes and sleeps big hair. Volume is not just something for your girlfriend to fawn on-just look at Rob and the perfect image of his mane. If this is the type of hair you have, and you want to replicate this look bold, start brushing with a wax sculpture-wear to keep up your strands.

 edgy barber

# 3: small spikes

For all the guys out there with shorter hair, the tips are not completely out of reach. Take Douglas Booth as an example; it tear this short cut with a low rate of participation on the maintenance spiky trend. The shorter the hair, the easier it is to style. If you are someone who loves a beautiful head of hair, but does not want to spend the necessary time in the morning to fix it, go shorter

textured short hairstyle for men

dfree / Shutterstock.com

# 4: Spiky Hair for men with textured Top

Spiky Hair is great, but you can not be as ready to wear this every day; That’s why you absolutely must not allow your stylist to cut your hair in a way that works only with sharp styles. In this image, the spikes Michael rocks with a style that might as well be worn right out of the shower. This technique requires a little plug for the extra thickness and length, but a nice matte ointment paste will do.

short hair cut razored men

# 5: refined Spikes

In this image, the good old Colin Farrell has a haircut that is short on the top and on the sides. This and taken along on the high and tight is the key to achieving good ear ‘do. The shorter sides are modest and imperceptible, without having to be smoothed down at the top is ready to style fresh from the shower.

 bristling hair cool for men

# 6: Spiky Hairstyle for men with strategically placed highlights

For young men there, the style may Brett Davern be a little more up your alley. His tips are uniform and controlled, while leaning to the right in a perfect consistency. It can be difficult to avoid pieciness awkward when aiming for that look older, but we got your back, bro. Wait until your hair is semi-dry to apply your ointment bastion and use a comb to take the front stand straight.

spiky hair blond men

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

7: grass like Spikes

Jim Carrey has a miraculous head of hair and often wasted by shaving. Not today! In this photo, the hilarious comedian and style hair and volume. A perfect 10 in our books! For more formal occasions, ie weddings in the family, choose those treated spikes. You will not have to worry about a great-aunt giving you disapproving looks across the dance floor.

upswept hairstyle is cool men

# 8: Enough Neat Spiky Hair for Men

Tyler Hilton, actor and singer who stole the heart of adolescents everywhere on One Tree Hill, a representative to defend that Dreamy Musician. The guy takes seriously her hair, okay? You can tell by this photo. Short and neat, but with a little style carefully spikiness and volume. This is prom perfect look for you all the students out there in desperate need of inspiration haircut.

short hairstyle for men with a nerve to backswept

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# 10: Spiky Hairstyle for men with thinning hair

Who said you can not spike every part of your head? Will Bates Look! He not only enriched the top of his hair, but also the long sides. If you Only ever imagined such a feat, it is time to check and train your opinions. It is a great look, but it is difficult to remove and may take a little use to perfect.

 spiky hairstyle for men with thin hair

# 12: Spiky Hair Texture needle for Men

Here’s another short and simple style, this time modeled by beautiful Freddy Rodriguez. This photo shows what a great combination spiky hair and facial hair can do when worn together. Each on their own agree, beards are cool and spiky hair is flattering, but put them together and you have an irresistible force to be reckoned with!

 bristling formal hairstyle for men

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

13: Spikes Court for Salt-And- pepper hair

Another killer combo is a short spiky haircut paired with glasses hip. It shows your cool in two ways: you are different sense to the latest hair trends with your neat spiky style and you are pretty fashionable to have round and / or thick glasses framed. Alex is to show the world that it is ready for anything with her look well put-together.

salt and pepper hair bristling for men

# 14: Spiky Hair Faux Hawk-Inspired Men

Gather, friends, and here is the legendary fauxhawk! Since the beginning of Mohawks, there have been men who are not interested in going through the full movement to shave the sides their heads. Thus, the fauxhawk was born. In the simplest definition, is when you spike your hair up in what looks like a Mohawk. With this style, you can look as cool as Juan Pablo Galavis.

false hair short men peddle

# 15: piecey Spikes

Josh Dallas has a unique tangy look in this photo red carpet. This kind of looks like a military style uniform trimmed slightly. This clean look is the perfect choice for a working style every day. It is just the right blend of casual and professional to get through your business casual dress code in a sophisticated piece.

textured short hairstyle for men

# 16: Side-Oriented Spiky Hair for Men

It is like BeyoncĂ© sings to the left, to the left. Kurt Yeager comb his hair standing to the left so that it falls all of a spectacular nature. To mimic this style at home, you’ll need to let your hair dry washed until it is slightly damp. Then spread the wax generously through it. The last step is to take a comb and run it through what direction you prefer. It is a masterpiece of balance.

hairstyle bristling pleasure for men

# 17: Spiky disorder and

This Teen Wolf star really knows how to win the heart of ladies around the world. The perfectly messy hair probably helps in the department to court. To recreate this look for your own love interest, starting with the growing your hair. You need to be long enough to work with. When you are ready (or if you keep your hair already a little longer,) followed by a shower by running your fingers through your hair with hair wax. Do not be too careful, this look is all about feigned insouciance.

 hairstyle is messy men

# 18: Formal Men Spiky Hair

This combo suit and bow tie, this charming smile, that hair! Harry Hamlin really all in this photo flattering. If you are interested in a similar formal look, dip into Harry’s style for some inspiration.

spiky hairstyle for older men

# 20: Crazy Men Spiky Hair

Last but certainly not least, Blake Berris cradles a large outlet on the thorny appearance. Again, this is meant for guys with slightly long hair. If you are in your twenties and scouting for jobs, embrace this style for your interviews. He shouts: “I’m young and competent in my field, but mature enough to know how my hair style”

disheveled edgy hairstyle for men

What do you think, guys? All spiky hairstyles attract your attention? Try something new, you’ll be glad you did.

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