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20 pixie cut … but not too long: new photo gallery for you!

New insight on today’s short hair … but not too much. Or, rather, the new focus on the cut , a length estremizzabile in very short, that today we have instead declined lengths sweetest, that will highlight your hair and your beauty with some simple forethought style, and also let you experiment with innovative geometries rather than there will certainly be appreciated by all women, young and old, who read us with a particular affection for some time.

The photo that today we are pleased to offer will put you in touch with many short hair styles that can be easily analyzed and identified, and that focus on the pixie cut is not too short: haircuts almost universal , which will be able to satisfy everyone, from women seeking a more carefree style to retrieve a few years of image, the girls who prefer to have a look a bit ‘more aggressive, you can give them the impression greater personality playing on obvious asymmetries.


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In this regard, the starting point would be precisely represented by our daily photo gallery, useful to fulfill your style desires, and not only: the photographic ideas that we are pleased to offer you may in fact be the basis for attempts to launch more or less marked customization of its look every day, preparing also his hairstyle for the new season.

S empre in this regard, the opportunity there is useful to remember that the pixie cut can adapt to any type of face , and that will thus simply some brief change in volumes greater or side to be able to modernize, and do make adaptable to any type of face . Also remember that because the margins of error are anything but be underestimated, before giving us a cut would be good to talk in-depth measure with your hairdresser of trust, so that the latter can actually suggest what is best to achieve a pleasing end result .

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