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20 Ideas Purple Ombre Hair

Purple it is undoubtedly one of the hottest hair trends right now, but hey, it’s so Shadows! Combine the two and you have an incredibly stylish ‘you can not wear all year. Here you will find an amazing collection of shadows from dark to light and everything between.

Chunky Platinum and lavender

bright and lively dramatic, this beautiful Shadows combines impressive shade of platinum blonde ends with pastel lavender that are extremely delicate and fun. The major colors are bold, but given femininity with a touch of wavy structure.

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Gray and Light Purle Pixie

we all know how to popular pixie cuts, and this long leprechaun is all the rage. The long locks ensures you can easily STYLE- even if it’s just a plot twist as seen here. But what makes this elf pop is the beautiful blend of gray and purple, two of the most fashionable colors for 2016 .


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