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20 Belle Permed Hairstyles

Perms give your hair a lively energetic appearance with tons of curls or waves. It is a simple solution to the hair that lacks the body, making it an excellent choice for women with thin or fine hair. If you are considering a cut of hair perm, you need to check this intriguing list of 20 PRETTY permed hairstyles which completely change your appearance.

Relaxed tight curls

If the last two styles were a little ‘too’ vicious’ for you, but I love a curl tight, so you’ll want these impeccable relaxed tight curls. The curls are still super tight for a glossy finish and bouncy, but are a bit ‘bigger for a more domesticated and subtle style.

extra short curls

Who said permanent could only be done on long hair ? Think again! Even if you’re sporting a pixie with wires a few inches from his head, you can STILL rock a permanent. This perm is super fabulous, giving her perm some gorgeous body. And with the super sexy and trendy mix shadows, his look is very fashion-forward.

long tight curls

Ah, curls. So elegant and feminine; He can not get enough of them! Enjoy some beautiful curls tight without any of the work by opting for a lock tight with a slightly larger pipe. Perfect results!

Thin Mid-Perm wave

beautiful beach waves must not be reserved for days with the ocean! This beautiful perm has subtle waves on the bottom half of the hair, leaving the top of his mane naturally straight. In combination with top fringe just below the eyebrow, it is a very delicate and feminine style which is perfect for warm seasons.

thin Waves

If you are in the market for a more natural style, we recommend the beautiful waves. Starting only a few inches from the root, which increases the effect of all natural. With a touch of shimmer on her toes, her look is beautiful and it works for any occasion.

extra curls tight

go all out with your perm and create a highly funky style and connection with some tight curls Extras like these! They are super folded and the look is decidedly full-bodied and fabulous, with a savage behavior just enough to get the attention of everyone in the crowd.

Pixie Curls

pixie cut can get a boost of glamor volume by simply obtaining a permanent! This perm may be small in stature, but it is certainly not short on style. We love how she adds even more texture to her style with some light brown tips.

Blonde Frizzy Curls

Pump up the volume! This aspect has the seductive body wrote everything, and is undoubtedly one of the most massive perm styles around the world of fashion. She gives her look a fascinating detail and bright with honey blonde color throughout, drawing even more attention to her frizzy, high mane.

relaxed Waves

a simple bob haircut behind, some waves and relaxed wine-colored lips; really nothing is more casual and glamor of this.

 wide short with permanent hairstyle

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long Curls Frizzy

What a lovely girl! But in reality, this perm may be suitable for anyone young or old. Her long locks are fine as they are, but adds some nice texture with a curl frizzy.

Curls Super Relaxed

There is something so absolutely delicate and sophisticated of this style, like something you might see on the Queen of England. Its excellent relaxed curls only add a touch of dazzling body, but it is no exaggeration or break with the crowds volume. It ‘a pretty slim style that goes well with simple, color natural makeup .

Ringlet massive asymmetrical

There is so much trend and flourishing style in this hairstyle, almost I do not know where to start! We are worshiping his sharp cut asymmetrical with one corner of exuberant in the back. It continues with succulent body thanks to a perm with a large size barrel, and finishes her look with a beautiful combination of black and brown. ! And ‘that exudes style and glamor, no doubt


there are permanent that start at the root, but if you want a more docile and romantic style, consider a mid-permanent that begins a few inches down the wire. Its cut asymmetrical hair is styled with some loose, voluminous curls that are nothing short of elegant.

Media Long sultry Ringlet

A seductive, sensual style is easily achieved with ringlets sexy as these. The best part is, there are no hours of styling needed to create this seductive style. Just get up and go, but do not forget some dark eyes and nude lips desirable to improve this aspect.

frizzy curls

Kinky curls seem totally rockin ‘on some long curls, adding a little ‘funky volume that can not be ignored. Speaking to pump up the volume! With the addition of beautiful lights and lowlights of brown and blonde, it is a texture hairstyle that makes miracles for all women.

long Curls romantic

If you are a lover of loose, romantic curls but hate spending hours in front of the mirror trying to get them, you may want to consider this beautiful perm. Imagine waking up every morning with beautiful locks like these; flawless. We are also in love with its unique combination and trendy color with blond highlights and Deep Purple!

 rear view of layered hairstyle for long hair Permed credit

curls light crisp

her < strong> dark golden blonde locks are absolutely dazzling, really brightening her complexion, and with the addition of super-extravagant curls, his locks are given a lively makeover that is new and original.

Multi-Texture Perm

permanent multi-plot are so cool. They allow you to get out of the box and indulge in your wild side, with a collection of unique size and funky barrel for a truly exceptional finish. One side of the foliage shows off a bit ‘tighter curl than the other, the creation of a structured and unique design can not ignore.

As you can clearly see, permanent add loads of sensual body to hair, perfect for girls who suffer with wire-straight and narrow. Plus there’s tons of options to choose from, from tight curls super-kinky lose, romantic styles- and much more! Pophaircuts.com where you can choose

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