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18 Styles Pixie

Strong the is very simple and low-maintenance, but can be a big change for women who have had medium length hair or along their entire lives. If you are looking for a change, let’s do it now. There’s plenty of fun to be had with a Short style like this, so do not delay if you like to experiment. Cutting away the locks is a big problem , but as soon as you realize how many hours of time wasting is saved, not to mention the cheekbones murderess gives you, you’ll never need to go back to your long days again. You want to meet the new edgy you? Here’re 20 styles Pixie to give the confidence to trim and crop good. Kate Mara ‘s sophisticated pixie sexy style grew out of Carey Mulligan, there are many celebrities who have had the courage to go short for it and it looked amazing.

1. Pixie Straight Hairstyle 2016

 Pixie hairstyle

2. Long Pixie Haircut style

3. Colorful Pixie Hair Style

4. Wavy Pixie Hair Style

 Pixie Hair Style

5. Pixie Cute style

 Styles pixie


Pixie Styles-6


 Pixie Styles-7



Pixie Styles-9

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 Pixie Styles-10



Pixie Styles-12


 Pixie Styles-13


 Pixie Styles-14


Pixie Styles-15


 Pixie Styles- 18

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