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15 Edgy New Hairstyles for Medium Facial

for medium hair are enjoying a rise in popularity this year, as we take the hair extensions and spend the hottest new looks.

length hair can be anything from just after the jaw, for a style that barely touches the shoulders and this gives you plenty of room to find the perfect style for your face shape and body!

Trends in hairstyles for medium

The current trend is for the waves, and this is a way easy to reach on medium length hair. You can use a heated styling tool, if your hair is naturally straight. Or, if you want to protect the precious good condition of your hair, wrap sections around soft, sponge rollers give everything a good spritz with hairspray and leave for an hour to set.

The look is key. for random waves for a haircut asymmetric not ‘messy’, but has a finish unconventional and casual

 cute style for Girl - Medium hair styles

Halfway down Half -up

Semi-down styles Half-ups are a very contemporary. These attractive hairstyles look great on medium hair, because you get a well-proportioned balance between the latch

 Styles Half-up half-down hair average

looks Irritable

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The trend is for edgiest choppy layers that follow the fashion for a futuristic style unconventional. Choppy layers are a good way to get added volume in fine or medium texture and look fabulous with uneven layers and hot consistency ‘beggar’ in the tips.

The style in choppy layers is already a big favorite among the young and trend-conscious women who like urban chic. And for something more to add some highlights sweeping copper, caramel, honey or gold.

 Layered Hairstyles for Medium

Another edgy look that is high fashion at the moment is the shag cut. It ‘a great cut for those with thick or coarse hair and produces a flattering volume around the head, without curls.

So if you have curly hair, you you was straight, try a tousled hairstyle for medium hair that you will find quite easy to straighten. Thick and hard to control hair is perfect for a haircut ruffled as the designer can make the most of the fabric of your hair, thinning and leaving the ends with a strong form.

 Everyday Hairstyle Hair Medium

Asymmetrical bob

Asymmetrical bob are also a popular choice in smart-looking hairstyles for medium hair. Line, stacked and reverse bob always look ultra-modern and cutting creates a very strongly defined, they are also easy to style!

So if you are ready to choose a new look fabulous, browse our gallery of exciting hairstyles for medium hair edgy now and bring yourself up to date today!

 Edgy new hair color hair of medium length

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